Language Crash Courses are designed to help people of all ages and walks of life learn the basics of a language with ease. It’s the perfect way to get a taste of a language before going on a holiday or business trip.

Our unique 5-step learning method is very simple: just read, listen and repeat as a native speaker reads a story. Our courses take you straight to the heart of a language since you will be speaking whole sentences from the start, instead of just single words. Our method employs a combination of interlinear language texts and audio recordings. Interlinear texts are bilingual texts that work a bit like film subtitles. They have the original text in the target language, and a translation in one’s mother tongue below each word.

You can use these courses any way you want. If you have time on your hands and are new to the target language, then systematically going through the course “step by step” may be the way you will get most out of the course. However, if you just want to brush up on a language you may benefit most from starting with Step 2, where you listen to the story and read along. If you only have an hour or two to spare, you may want to focus on Step 5, where you are introduced to words and phrases. Whatever mode of learning you choose, you will be surprised by how fast you will get a handle on the language you are learning. The simplicity of this learning method makes it a great learning tool for everyone including kids.

From the very start we have wanted to make our language courses available free online without distracting advertisements. This has been made possible through the commitment of dozens of volunteers who have spent thousands of hours translating and proof reading the texts, making audio recordings, and developing the website.

This project is in its early days and we are aware there is much we can improve on. There are many more language courses in the pipeline. If you want to join us in building this great website to serve an ever-increasing audience around the world, then please consider donating or joining our volunteer team.

Enjoy the journey!

The Language Crash Courses team